Shipping, delivery Policy:

Delivery of products will be as follows:

The home delivery will be charged, and the amount is (28.75) twenty-eight Saudi Riyals and seventy-five halalas. This includes the shipping cost and administrative fees.

Small products weighing less than (20) twenty kilograms.

Large products weighing more than (20) twenty kilograms will be charged an additional fee of (1) one Saudi Riyal per kilo after exceeding the twenty (20) kilograms.

The delivery period of the products shall be within 3 to 5 working days, from the date of order confirmation. The customer service center will communicate with the customer within (20) twenty hours to confirm the date and place of delivery. The website has the right to delay the delivery if the order is coincided with one of the leave days imposed by the State or any obstacles beyond its control.

Official working days are from Sunday to Thursday as Friday and Saturday are two days off (excluding seasonal weekend offers, exclusive day offer,   other pre-booking orders and website’s exclusive offers).

We are looking forward to serving you in a way that meets your expectations in providing this service. So, we hope we will be provided with a clear address to ensure fast delivery. The address should contain clear data including, for example, the building number (villa, apartment, etc.) as well as the name of the street, city, neighbourhood and postal code. Also, the telephone number and the name of the person concerned must be recorded according to the attached form. Before submitting your order, you must check the product specifications very carefully and agree to abide by the terms of sale described in “Shopping Cart” and “Details of Product, Stock and Prices” sections.

In case the information is not clarified correctly /or is entered incorrectly, the website shall have the right to delay, cancel the order or add new fees if the shipping, delivering, moving to a wrong place with the order.

In most cases, “home delivery by shippers” is a door-to-door service, but we apologize that this service is not implemented in some cases due to limited delivery company or some local laws. In agreement with SMSA – our delivery partners – we reserve the right not to deliver the order to a person under the age of 18 when delivering the product. Also when the order includes several products of heavy and light weight, products will be delivered to the specified address under different shipments and times.

In case of failure in delivering the order due to the user mistake by providing us with an incorrect address, incorrect names or information that prevents the delivery of the order to the user, additional fees will be applied to the user to re-send the order to him or the fees of the product delivery will be deducted, and the remainder will be back to the user.